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It’s the month of giving thanks, and I am pretty good at appreciating the little things. You know how, as moms, we treasure those kid-free moments, even running errands to places like Costco?! Imagine that kind of “fun,” but minus the crowded aisles and carts haphazardly parked here and there while their owners are waiting in lines for free food samples. Imagine casually walking right up to a check-out lane and being at the front of the line.

A little more than a year ago, Sam’s Club ran a terrific Groupon membership special. With Costco membership fees increasing, it seemed like the right time to switch warehouse clubs. It has been a great decision for a variety of reasons starting with the price, which is currently available again through Groupon – $35 for an annual membership, plus $25 in e-gift cards and a free fruit party tray, just in time for holiday pot lucks!

The lack of chaos inside our Sam’s Club has also been a blessing. While I’m sure the management would love more shoppers, this shopper enjoys being able to get in and out quickly. Even on a Saturday. Seriously.

One of my secrets to even happier shopping at Sam’s was upgrading my initial membership to the “plus” membership. For $55 more a year, the plus membership lets me enter the store as early as 7 a.m., Monday through Saturday. Sometimes it feels like it’s just me and the friendly staff! “Plus” members also enjoy free shipping from, 20% off of prescription glasses and $10 cash back for every $500 spent.

I’m still able to buy all of the great bulk items that I did at Costco, but there are even better selections of some things at Sam’s like bakery cakes and cupcakes.

Sam’s Club does not hand out as many samples as Costco does, which means I buy fewer giant bags of food that I do not need, and I don’t get stuck in the impassable piles of shopping carts while people flock to the sample stands.

Sam’s also probably has fewer “extra” items like clothes and toys, but there are definitely still more things than we need – – – and at great prices!

It has been such a joy becoming a Sam’s Club customer, but it’s definitely not for everyone, primarily because there’s only one San Diego Sam’s Club, and it’s in the East County. But if you’re a downtown, an East County or even a South Bay mom, I highly recommend checking out Sam’s Club for yourself.

Sam’s Club

6336 College Grove Way

San Diego, CA 92115


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