The Greatest Show in San Diego

Circus Vargas is back! If you’ve got a “Greatest Showman” loving family, don’t miss your opportunity to attend one of the best shows to come to San Diego.

Circus Vargas is celebrating its 50th anniversary extravaganza with an homage to the golden era of circus in America. The 2019 production highlights an amazing cast of world-renowned performers including death- defying acrobats, daredevils, aerialists, jugglers, contortionists, clowns, motorcycles and more!

Tent 1

Circus Vargas was selected “best circus” by! Kids under 2 are free and discount ticket prices start at $15 for general admission. Because the circus tent is relatively small, there really are no bad seats!

You can find discounted tickets to Circus Vargas on

You can also enter to win a family 4-pack right here!

Leave a comment “yes” or “no” to the question… are circus clowns funny? One lucky family of four will be randomly selected to win tickets to the upcoming show of their choice. Winner announced this Friday. 

Good luck!

61 thoughts on “The Greatest Show in San Diego

  1. Melody says:

    Yes clowns are funny!!!

  2. Candice Malmstrom says:

    Yes! Clowns are funny! Our family would love to go see some clowns!

  3. Cathy Nguyen says:


  4. Danielle Nagrone says:


  5. Meagan Albrant says:


  6. Mindee says:


  7. Cristina Arias says:

    Yes!!! 🤡😆😃😄

  8. Dorothy A Roden says:


  9. Therese says:


  10. Tracy J says:


  11. Cyndi W says:

    Yes AND no? 😉 Either way, we’d love to see the circus! 🙂

  12. Kayla Paulsen says:

    Yes! They make my kids laugh!

  13. Kari says:


  14. Kristin veljovich says:

    No! They are scary 🙂

  15. Katy Cole says:


  16. Erica says:


  17. Aluna says:

    Yes and no 🙂

  18. Michelle Costello says:

    Some are some are creepy

  19. Carrie Kropp says:


  20. Betsabe Jimenez says:


  21. Shayla Drawdy says:

    Yes!!! 🤡🤡🤡

  22. Karina Wong says:

    Yes 🤡 ❤️

  23. Amanda says:


  24. Nichele McCague says:

    Yes if done well

  25. Jody says:


  26. Valentyna Banner says:


  27. Yes! I love their dry humor! It wouldn’t be a circus without the clowns ❤

  28. Crystal says:


  29. Dianey Rodriguez says:

    Yes!!! 🤡

  30. Mary says:


  31. Leslie says:

    Yes and no depending on the clown!

  32. Hazel M. says:


  33. Claire says:


  34. Jessi Margo says:


  35. Elisa says:

    Yes! They are so funny!!!

  36. Brandy says:


  37. Jessica says:

    No! Never been a fan

  38. Shawna w says:

    No. Scary

  39. Andrea T Colores says:

    Depends on the clown! So yes, and no!

  40. Stephanie says:

    Yes! But not the ones in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

  41. Dana Crake says:

    Yes!! Love clowns. Most are very funny. Love the circus. Would love to win!!

  42. Kyla Richardson says:

    I’d say yes. I’ve never been to a circus and neither has my son. He really wants to go, so I’d love to win the tickets to be able to take him.

  43. Kelly Berkowitz says:

    Yes 🤡

  44. Sandra says:

    No, clowns are still scary to me, and I’m a grown up. Lol… but I would love to go to the circus!

  45. Arpita says:

    Yes, we would like to enjoy it. We don’t have experience earlier.

  46. Lupe says:

    Yes, they are!! We love clowns.

  47. Erin Abalos says:

    Yes! 🤡

  48. Brooke richards says:


  49. Emmie Haught says:


  50. Joyce says:


  51. Serene Edwards says:

    Yes they are funny.

  52. Shayla says:

    Yes! 🤡❤️

  53. Lisa Murphy says:


  54. Sarah says:


  55. Christina De Leon says:


  56. Cara Hinchman says:

    Absolutely, they are always a great warm up to the show. Our daughter loves them.♥️

  57. Alina says:

    Some really are. Others not so much. Clowns dependent, really… a good clown respects the audience and the other clowns…

  58. Stephanie Martinez says:

    Sometimes!! But the best part is watching my daughters face light up watching them preform! ❤️

  59. Jasmine Richards says:

    No but my kids think they are

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