Frolicking Through Fallbrook

Last weekend, the kids and I, along with a few friends, loaded up the car and made the 40 minute trek up to Fallbrook to enjoy a morning of strawberry picking. A quick Yelp search led us to Kenny’s Strawberry Farm; a 5-star rated u-pick farm, producing an abundance of sweet, juicy strawberries from February through July.

Kenny’s is just off the 15 Freeway, about 40-45 minutes North of Mission Valley. While the drive is a bit of a commitment, the scenery is beautiful and there are a number of places to stop along the way if you need a snack or a potty break.

We arrived right at 10am on a Sunday, and it was the perfect timing. Even as we were leaving, the fields were not crowded, and the parking lot had PLENTY of space for more cars. Plus, there were enough red berries for, what seemed like, the entire state of California to enjoy!

Visiting the farm is free, and you only pay for what you pick. Be careful though, because it is easy to fill those buckets up to the brim with delicious berries, but at $4 per pound, an overflowing bucket will run you upwards of $15+. But in this case, you are also paying for the experience and the memories, which are priceless!

Our kids were so anxious to fill their buckets up, that we were ready to pay and head out within an hour. We perused through the farm stand, enjoyed a fresh strawberry lemonade from the snack truck (so good!!), and got some great advice to head over to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens for a picnic (I highly recommend adding this to your day’s itinerary)!

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm is open Wednesday – Sunday, from 10am-6pm (weather permitting). Make sure to pack hats and sunscreen, as the fields have no shade. The strawberries here are not organic, but a system called “integrated pest management” is used, meaning they start out with organic materials and only use synthetic products as needed to combat insects and diseases. Keep in mind that this is an active farm, and there’s a good chance your kiddos will get DIRTY, so boots and a change of clothes are not a bad idea.

There are picnic tables available if you pack your own food, and adorable merchandise available in their Farm Shop.  Plus, one lucky MomsGuide reader will be given the opportunity to win a jar of their delicious jam and a cute mug! Just comment below on who you plan on picking with this strawberry season to be entered to win! We will choose a winner at random on April 10th!

9 thoughts on “Frolicking Through Fallbrook

  1. I’ll be strawberry picking with my 3 year old grandson. Strawberry shortcake is our favorite! We cannot wait. 🍓

  2. Christine says:

    Going to pick strawberries with the hubby and son!

  3. Mehrak Scism says:

    Planning on going tomorrow with the fam! Woohoo!

  4. Alison Sanchez says:

    What a great experience for our two young children!

  5. Jody says:

    My kids!

  6. Brandy says:

    We lovvve strawberry picking! We have a new little family member who has just started solids, so I’d love to enjoy this experience with him. 💕

  7. Heather says:

    We LOVE Kenny’s! We go several times per season and were just there Wednesday! I’m so happy you enjoyed it too!

  8. Danielle Holmes says:

    I plan on taking my son & daughter and meeting up with friends for a fun day of strawberry picking. My kiddos love strawberries and freshly picked ones are the best!

  9. Justine Saunders says:

    I would like to take my daughter for her first time picking strawberries!

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