Finding that Perfect School …

One of the biggest challenges of our parenting life could be finding that perfect school for our children. In San Diego, families have a lot of SCHOOL CHOICE. And, although that’s what we’re supposed to want, it can truly drive you a little batty to sort through all of options.

My blog partner, Chelsea, spent the last year checking out  kindergarten options for Oliver; researching, calling and touring their neighborhood school, charter schools, magnet schools and an assortment of private schools.

Nine years after doing the same for my kinder-aged daughter, I’m starting the search all over again but for high schools.

Of course there’s the need to search for middle schools, and different types of schools when your first choice doesn’t work out in quite the way you hoped. No matter the stage you are in, there are certain steps that need to be taken…

Several years ago we created “The Mom’s Guide to San Diego Schools” magazine. While many things have remained the same, there are several updates that need to be made. Here’s where YOU come in!

If you have something to learn about finding a school for your child or something to share about San Diego schools, we invite you to join our new group, The Mom’s Guide to San Diego Schools. This closed group is a place to share what you know and learn what you want to know about educating your kiddos in San Diego.

We wish you all a happy end of summer and back-to-school season!


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