Make Your Child’s Dreams Come True … with Elite Teepees

Hey Moms, the end of the school year always makes you realize just how quickly your kiddos are growing up and what  little time you have to show them how fabulous, treasured and loved they truly are. There is no better time than NOW to treat them to an epic insta-worthy sleepover experience – where they will create friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

Moms especially love Elite Teepees because it’s hassle free! Absolutely everything you need for your sleepover is delivered and beautifully set up one day, then they return the next day to pack it all away.

Themed, hand-crafted teepees are fully equipped with luxury mattresses and bedding, stunning decorative accessories, party favors and a large sprinkle of magic. Guests need to bring only their overnight bag and a sense of adventure.

From a fun night with friends or a special birthday party, to a family night or girls glamp-in: Elite Teepees embrace any age and cater to all of life’s celebrations.




Simply post a comment on this blog by August 8th to let us know which Elite Teepees theme is your favorite. You can view the themes for both boys and girls here.

Please note: To qualify, the winning party must be held in San Diego by October 31st, 2019, and the party host must sign Elite Teepees’ standard terms and conditions.

The winner will be chosen at random by Elite Teepees and notified by email.

Please visit, and if you like what you see, consider following Elite Teepees on Instagram and Facebook. 


Good luck!

49 thoughts on “Make Your Child’s Dreams Come True … with Elite Teepees

  1. Debra P says:

    My daughter LOVES the Star Gazer theme and wants to give the party to her friend for her birthday in October if she is chosen!

  2. Jelena Arnold says:

    Free Spirit is amazing!!

  3. Monica R. says:

    They all are adorable – especially the Llama Karma! 🦙🧘🏼‍♀️

  4. Matt Hinchman says:


  5. Janis Wyllie says:

    La boheme is awesome!

  6. Sue wyllie says:

    Love the La Bohme theme. My granddaughter would love it for her birthday sleepover in October.

  7. MacKenzie Brown says:

    Dinosaur Dreamland is the cutest thing I’ve ever seeni love it!

  8. Marci Davis says:

    These are adorable! It’d be such a fun finale to my daughters birthday in October! She’d love the unicorns or “Bunicorns” as she calls them!

  9. Naomi Gonzales says:

    My daughter would love the llama karma themed teepees for her birthday this month! We would love to be able to have a fun sleepover with her dance friends!!!

  10. Michelle says:

    Llama karma is adorable. My kids love camping and they would be over the moon for this. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  11. Ee Ee Tan says:

    My very princess obsessed girl would love fairy tale or free spirits. Her bffs are all so girly too!

  12. Robin says:

    I love the stargazer! I love the sports and fairy tale too! Do I have to decide on 1? Haha! Love them all!

  13. Kathy Edlin says:


  14. Jennifer Winters says:

    My boys would just die for the dinosaur theme! That is AWESOME!!! (If my girlfriends and I were hanging out – because we love teepees too! – Fun and girly Fairy Tale!

  15. I absolutely love the boheme! This would be such an awesome experience for my daughter and friends! Definitely one to remember and talk about for a long time!

  16. I absolutely love the stargazer theme! It’s perfect for a little girls sleepover. It gives you that feel of the outdoor wonder and imagination but fancy and lavish!

  17. Desarae Gutiérrez says:

    My son loves dinosaurs 🦖❤️❤️❤️
    Therefore that’d be my favorite 😍

  18. JAMIE NELSON says:

    I absolutely love La Boheme.

  19. Abby S says:

    The La Boheme theme would be perfect for a sweet girl I know! 💗

  20. Kimberly Quinn says:

    My twins would love this! Half Game Day and half Unicorn magic!

  21. Liz feiler says:

    My daughter would love the Unicorn Magic themed party. So cute!!

  22. Ashly Villamar says:

    Stargazer/Starry Night and Llama Karma are my favorites

  23. My girls would Love a Flower🌸 Power. I think these are a great idea for parties and so easy for the parents. I will definitely be having a sleep over for my girls next year.

  24. The dinosaur theme would be so fun for my son’s 6th birthday October 14th. I absolutely love this idea! So fun for the kids and easy for the parents.

  25. Sandy Smith says:

    Any or all themes… have a grand daughter and a grandson that would love ❤️

  26. Jennie C. says:

    How cool is this!!!! Ahh, to be little again! I love the La Boheme and Unicorn one the most.

  27. Cara Hinchman says:

    I absolutely love La Boheme! My 10 year old just asked for a sleepover for her birthday in October, this would be amazingly perfect! 💜

  28. Alia Snyder says:

    Stargazer – beyond adorable!!

  29. Meagan Albrant says:

    Omg, what an awesome idea!! My boys and their buddies would go bonkers over the Dinosaur one!! 🦕

  30. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Emma would LOVE the Free Spirit theme and my boys would love the Dinosaur theme! What a fun giveaway!

  31. Cyndi W says:

    My son picks Dinosaurs and my daughter picks Unicorns. I think they are ALL amazing!

  32. Ursula Cervantez says:

    My daughter would go absolutely crazy for unicorn magic. And her birthday is right around the corner. This would be so perfect.

  33. Ulrike Geissinger says:

    I live the stargazer for our 2 girls!

  34. Super cool! My ready to go to school kindergartener loved the Dinosaur and the sports theme. Could not decide which we liked more😊 If we had to pick only one, the Dinosaur theme has cool setup.

  35. Taryn R says:

    My first grader has been begging for a sleepover party! These are so awesome! I think her and her friends would absolutely love the Fairytale theme. It’s so hard to choose all the themes are so cute!

  36. Marie Arroyo says:

    My 8 year old loved the stargazer! Would be perfect for her and her friends. I personally think there all awesome!

  37. I picked the one I liked w/o saying a word to my 4 1/2 year old daughter. Then I showed the themes to her and we’ve both selected 💕 La Boheme as our fav!!!! Creative minds think alike #eye4art#thinkoutsidethebox#colorsmaketheworldgoround

  38. Gail Currier says:

    Would love the unicorn elite teepee set for my baby girl. Shes at the perfect age to have sleepovers and she is obsessed with unicorns. This would be truly magical for her as a child.

  39. Brooke Richards says:

    Loving the dinosaur theme!

  40. Archana says:

    Would love the elite teepee llama karma for my son 😊

  41. Marcella Zaleski says:

    I love the Game Day theme! I also appreciate the fact that there are boys and girls themes! This is such a creative and fun idea that will provide many memories.

  42. Dawn Destefani says:

    So excited I saw this blog post today! I’ve seen a few teepee parties posted online over the years and now I Know how to find you! It’s hard to decide if I’d use this for my boys or my girls but ultimately I think my daughter and her friends would be in awe with the bohemian theme. Beautiful work!

  43. Christina Ruvalcaba says:

    I love this idea! My son is obsessed with dinosaurs, so I got so excited when I saw the Dino theme!

  44. Lilli and Claire would love Unicorn Magic! Elite Teepees was the booth across from my husband’s at the Oceanside Artwalk last month and everything looked so awesome! My babies were checking her teepee out and loved hanging out there! This would be amazing to win since Lilli’s 5th birthday is in October.

  45. Paige Kamrath says:

    Wow! These are so beautiful! I’ve never seen this idea before!
    Would be over the moon to win a Dinosaur Dreamland sleepover for my girl! We are planning to “Roar for 4” in Oct for her 4th birthday!

  46. Veronica says:

    My Girl Scout troop would love to have a sleep over in these adorable teepees. I think their favorite would be the unicorn themed teepees.

  47. Lisa Toma says:

    The star gazer theme would be amazing for my Girl Scout troop to work on their space badges 😍

  48. Sharon Russell says:

    Stargazer!! We have a slumber party coming up in September and this would be be perfect! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  49. Christina De Leon says:

    The Fairy Tale This September will my my 8 year olds first sleepover. How amazing would this be if we won this for her party!

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