San Diego Kids & 9/11

9/11 is a heavy subject for our country, and every family has their own way of broaching it. If you’re the parent of young children, here’s a great way to honor 9/11 while teaching your kids a great life lesson…

A few months after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a small group of 9/11 family members and friends met to talk about how best to pay tribute to their lost loved ones. They decided that the terrorists shouldn’t “have the last word” in defining how future generations of Americans remember 9/11 each year.

Inspired by the way the country came together in the weeks following the attacks and the national outpouring of support, the group launched the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance with the goal of “taking back the day” and gradually transforming the anniversary of 9/11 from a day of tragedy into a day of doing good.

9/11 is a day that I will never forget, and I’ve worked to teach my kids what it meant to me, to our country and to the world. But I love the idea of turning a sad day into a day of unity, hope and philanthropy – all things that I already want to instill in my children. On 9/11 day these values take on even more importance.

Photo credit: 9/11 Day Facebook page

The official 9/11 Day charity is hosting a day of meal packing in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco with the goal of packing 3 million meals for people in need, including the victims of Hurricane Dorian. If San Diego was on the list, perhaps we’d be food packing. But since we can’t do that, we’ve decided to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House Wish List. Given that this 9/11 falls on a school day, donating books, games and gently used clothing that we’ve loved and outgrown to one of our favorite local charities seems like the perfect way to do good today.

Of course there are many San Diego charities that could use your donation of time, money or material items. If volunteerism and philanthropy are values that you want to teach your children, why not join us this year and every 9/11!?


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