Boy Band Trending – Why Don’t We in San Diego

Remember swooning over boy bands? Well, now it’s your daughter’s turn. At least it’s MY daughter’s turn to go a little  ga-ga over gooey lyrics and synchronized dance moves.

The five member, Why Don’t We is coming to San Diego, and my 13-year-old is psyched. “They’re trending mom! They have like 4 million Insta fans. They’re the new One Direction,” she says.

Before forming their band in 2016, Jonah, Zach, Jack, Daniel and Corbyn were amateurs performing on YouTube and other social platforms. The most successful member, Daniel Seavey, sang his way to the top 10 of finalists on American Idol’s season 14. Now WDW is on their first American tour, and they are making San Diego their 2nd stop.

Although their songs appeal to the 8 – 16-year-old crowd, Why Don’t We call themselves a “man band” (instead of boy band). I’m not sure if that makes you more or less eager to snag a ticket to this Friday’s show for your tweens and teens, but I am pretty certain that your mom-cred will shoot way up if you do. Tickets start at $29.50 a piece. Get all of the details here.

Why Don’t We

Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Friday, July 19th @ 7 p.m.


Fave 5 ~ Week of July 8th

The grey and gloom are gone, and there are lots of reasons to get outdoors with the family this week!

Food Truck Tuesday @ Civita 

Tuesday, July 9th from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. 

Civita Park, Mission Valley

Why cook when you can dine from some of San Diego’s favorite food trucks while the kids play in Civita Park with its interactive water feature and game areas?


Mission Bay Nature Play

Wednesday, July 10th @ 9:30 a.m. 

3210 Gleason Road in Mission Bay

Let’s enjoy some child-led nature play in the calm waters of San Diego Bay!

Sun & Sea Festival

Saturday, July 13th from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Portwood Pier Plaza in Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach’s annual Sandcastle Competition features  international artists, children’s activities and a street fair.

Family ArtLab

Saturday, July 13th from 2-4 p.m.

Westfield UTC Mall

Bring your family by for art-making and exploration at Westfield University Town Center. Led by Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego gallery educators, Family ArtLAB: Geometric Abstractions invites participants to use geometric shapes to create playful and unique works of art that they can take home. FREE!


Family Campout @ the Living Coast Discovery Center

Saturday, July 13th 

Living Coast Discovery Center, Chula Vista

During this one-of-a-kind overnight experience at the Living Coast Discovery Center families will participate in fun activities and animal encounters finished with a movie and cozy indoor camping. The next morning, campers enjoy a continental breakfast and more opportunities to meet local wildlife up-close. Children ages 5 and up are welcome.


Looking for more? Don’t forget to follow our online calendar of events for fun things to do with your San Diego family nearly every day of the week!








Teaching Kids about Earthquakes

There’s nothing like Southern California’s biggest earthquake in 20 years to get you thinking about how you’d react if you felt one. Being prepared is the best way to quell fears. After 20 years of living in San Diego, here’s what we’ve learned . . .

1. Take a first aid class and learn CPR.

2. Plan with your kids…children as young as age 3 can learn the basics about safe and unsafe spots in your home. Teach them to move away from windows and mirrors that might shatter in an earthquake. Move away from bookcases and heavy furniture that might topple over. Crawl under a desk or heavy piece of furniture or stand against an inside wall. Stay inside since something outside could fall on them.

3. Teach your child how to dial 911.

4. Teach your child to, in the case of a night time quake, stay in his bed and cover his head with a pillow until the shaking stops.

5. Prepare your home as best as you can with an emergency kit supplied with non perishable foods, water, medicines, batteries, can openers, flashlights, etc.

6. Secure your tall furniture to the wall to help prevent it from toppling over.

7. Be sure your water heater is strapped to the wall to help prevent tip overs and gas leaks.

8. Brace your overhead light fixtures.

9. Learn how to shut off your gas, water and electricity.

10. Avoid hanging glass picture frames, mirrors or shelves above your child’s bed or crib. Also, don’t place beds and cribs near windows and bookcases.

For more information about ways you can prepare for a disaster, visit This video will help you teach your kids about earthquakes. Also, in San Diego you can contact the following baby proofing companies for advice on and help with the best equipment to use to secure furniture, hang pictures, etc:

Baby Home Safety:

Baby Safe Homes: